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17 Nov 2017


Che Guevara Social Pub Cluj-Napoca


YellLow is the pleygroung of four young musicians who bring together analog and digital instruments. What comes out is pure play, no compromise accepted, just fresh ideas.

The band performed at some of the biggest Romanian Festivals (B'estfest, Electric Castle, Street Delivery, Poiana Urbana, Local Jam, Transilvania international Music and Art Festival, SunMan)and proudly hummed theur way in front of huge crrowds. They opened for Hurts, Eliphant, We Have Band, in beautiful, awe striking spaces like Romexpo and Roman Arenas in Bucharest.


The band's sound is located somewhere midfield af electronic music, with an alignment of alternative, groovy and rock solid tracks on the right, and crisp, clear formations of soulful, lovely vocals on the left.

With a sharp musical style, cool stage presence, great vocals and beats that can easily compete with anything that's happening on the electronic/pop scene. YellLow proves they were born to break boundaries on both Romanian and International musical market.


Their first single, "Crimson", took Romanian underground music by storm, as it was breath of fresh air floating above the now classic pattern of young rock bands. This storm grew into a hurricane when "Scream" came out with raging power and attitude, making YellLow and band ready for takeoff.

Steamy hot single "Word Around Town" is a production masterpiece accompanied by a video thet keeps those eyes glued to the screen, while subtly and ironically delivering a strong message. "Out of Me (NightVersion)" is the latest single, a double exposure classic love song, hormonically balanced to remind you of your special someone.

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